Job Puzzle

[lf_games headline=”What’s the game about?” subheadline=”Estimated Time: 15 min” first=”Required Material: Please cut out the
persons and items” second=”Focus:” third=”With the Job Puzzle we want to recognize the effect of stereotypes and bias on the child’s perception of social roles.” fourth=”Focus on typical stereotypes and prejudices that are reflected in the child’s answers as well their certainty of their answers (e.g., only a certain gender or skin color is selected for low- or high-income professions).” class=”lf-instructions-first”][lf_games headline=”How to play the game?” subheadline=”Print the pages with the required materials and cut out the figures.” class=”lf-instructions-second” second=”Invite your child to match the people and their profession represented by certain items. The child receives only the following information: the comics of the people with their names and the comics of the items along with what job is represented by which item.”][lf_games headline=”Share your findings!” subheadline=”Please write down your child’s answers and enter them into our Form.” class=”lf-instructions-third”][lf_games headline=”Ask your child!” subheadline=”When they are done, ask them the following questions for each pair:” first=”Why did you assign this person to this profession?” second=”On what characteristics did you pinpoint it?” third=”On a scale from 1 (very unsure) till 10 (very sure), how sure are you that your selection for this person is correct?
Do you think another person could have this profession, too?
Do you think this person could also have another job?” fourth=”Ask, ask, ask further questions! We need your input for impact!” class=”lf-instructions-fourth”]
[lf_quote quote=”Let’s stop sorting people based on their race, gender or sexual orientation! Let´s reduce stereotyps!”]

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