How to Occtopus - General Instructions

[lf_instruction headline=”What do I need?” subheadline=”You can play the game with your child whenever you like” second=”A few ground rules :)” third=”To make the games applicable children should be at least 4 years old. ” fourth=”These tasks are intended to promote parent-child dialogue. There is therefore no right or wrong.

Please let the child decide and speak freely.

Please do not give answers to the child. Only ask questions.

Please do not judge the child’s answers.” class=”lf-instructions-first” first=”Required material: Download, print and prepare material, grab a ball, paper and a pencil”]

[lf_instruction headline=”What are hints for bias?” subheadline=”Examples that DO hint towards bias: ” first=”Child matches people and professions after a biased pattern. (e.g., matches low-income professions only to a certain gender or skin-color, or says “Only men can be pilots“, or “All cashiers are women“).” second=”Examples that DO NOT hint towards bias ” third=”Child shows selects random couples.
Child states, that there is no logic in matching them, e.g. “There is no right or wrong“.” class=”lf-instructions-second instruction-img-left”]
[lf_instruction headline=”Please share your findings and help us making the world a better place!” subheadline=”Please fill out our Feedback form while playing with your child (it is important that you fill it out while playing so that your child’s answers are as accurate as possible.” first=”All your answers are completely anonymous!” second=”We treat all answers with respect and privacy.

We use the answers to develop the game further in order to reduce biases and making the world a better place.” class=”lf-instructions-third”]

[lf_quote quote=”Let’s stop sorting people based on their race, gender or sexual orientation! Let´s reduce stereotyps!”]