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Emre Celik

Emre (he/they) is a German-Turkish DEIfluencer, speaker, founder, TikToker and now works at Google as an Employee Relations Partner. Emre’s work is mainly focused on diversity, equality and inclusion as They wants to create a world where everyone belongs. They is a very well-read expert and a highly demanded speaker, as Emre combines strong business expertise with deep social and ethical knowledge.

In 2021, Emre raised €25,000 through talks and donated it all to LGBTQIA+ NGOs in Germany. In 2022, Emre founded, besides Occtopus, the NGO Wespeakyoudonate.org, which aims to connect NGOs with busineses.

Anja Höbel

After studying ethnology, psychology and media and communications management, Anja worked for many years in New York, Berlin and Munich in various agencies and management consultancies. Her focus was on change and corporate culture, always with the goal of advocating for a better society. An important realization was that while adults can be trained on diversity issues, the mindset is already shaped.

Her passion is to implement projects that have a social impact. For this reason, she co-founded Occtopus: To tackle the problem by the head and make the world a little bit better by playing games instead of rigid structures.

Why Occtopus?

``The octopus is capable of extraordinary mental capabilities, not only with its brain, but with its entire body: three-fifths of its neurons are located in its arms, and they can control themselves independently.``



Haus von Eden – How the innovative start-up Occtopus playfully improves the future

Fragen rund um Diversity und Inclusion dominieren aktuell sowohl den öffentlichen als auch den privaten Diskurs. Es geht darum, welche Strukturen geschaffen werden müssen, um Gleichheit und Gleichberechtigung ganzheitlich in der Gesellschaft zu verankern. Doch reicht die Einführung progressiver Formalia? Oder geht es auch darum, starre Strukturen sowie Denkmuster zu überholen, um Wandel tatsächlich initiieren [...]